Your Daily Short: 'Timeless Seasons: Women's History'

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THE FILM: “Timeless Seasons: Women’s History”


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: The understated comedy of a well-executed local-TV spoof is one of the Internet’s greatest strengths, if also among its most obscure. Comedians Hannah Bos, Tonya Glanz and Amy Heidt take a satirical hatchet to home shopping with a vengeance in this short, one of the “Timeless Seasons” web series.  It floats somewhere between Tim and Eric and Saturday Night Live, but never loses its own unique voice. This episode begins by honoring Women’s History Week in Pheasant Crest and ends up drowned in massage oil.

Bos, Glanz, Heidt and guest star Elaine Carroll share a knack for confused but zesty delivery, selling every last joke (and there are plenty, more than you’ll get the first time through). Meanwhile, director Ian Savage and editor Connor Magill take every available opportunity to mess with the flow of the video and make sure it feels like a hilariously incompetent low-budget production.

Can this be both a short film and an episode of a web series? Well, if "Drunk History" can jump from Funny or Die to Comedy Central and if Minneapolis can hold a Lolcats Film Festival, I don’t see why not. Rooftop Films will be showing “Timeless Seasons: Women’s History” as part of its final shorts program of the season, this coming Saturday evening at the Old American Can Factory.

Watch the whole Timeless Seasons series here.

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