Your Daily Short: Neill Blomkamp's 'Tempbot' (2006)

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THE FILM: “Tempbot" by Neill Blomkamp


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: Something of a cross between "District 9" and "The Office", Neil Blomkamp's silly but wistful short film is a (breast) touching ode to the quiet desperations of contemporary office life. "Tempbot" tells the story of a temp, who is a robot. Hence, "Tempbot" (leave this stuff to the professionals, kids). A droll comedy driven by an anthropomorphized existential crisis – vaguely reminiscent of Ramin Bahrani's "Plastic Bag" – "Tempbot" is obviously the work of a budding filmmaker, messy and not entirely sure what to do with the remarkable tools at its disposable. Nevertheless, Blomkamp's uniquely expressive approach to technology is already on full display, and "Tempbot" serves as a welcome reminder that the "Elysium" director doesn't need an enormous budget to make his effects special.

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