Box Office: '2 Guns,' 1 Champ

Cartel 2 Guns

There's an old Hollywood truism that goes like this: When you have Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg together in the same action movie, you'd damn well better win the box office.

And "2 Guns" did manage to do that this weekend, even if its $27.4 million debut wasn't exactly anything to write home about. While that figure is a totally respectable amount, especially considering the film's relatively modest $61 million price tag, it's not quite the huge payoff you might expect a two-star vehicle like this to earn.

Still, even though the debut of "2 Guns" wasn't setting any records, it at least managed to avoid complete embarrassment, which is more than can be said for the execrable "Smurfs 2." Despite a massive media blitz, the animated sequel brought in only $18.2 million over the weekend and $27.8 million over its extended 5-day release, thanks in part to its dismal 12% rating on RottenTomatoes.

It should be noted that "Smurfs 2" is expected to play much better overseas, so all is not lost for Sony; early reports peg its international debut at an additional $52.5 million. But the film's domestic failure did open the door for last week's champ, "The Wolverine," which remained in the top two with $21.7 million despite a 59% drop from last weekend. Incidentally, that means that all of this weekend's top three films are based on comic books.

Next weekend should be an interesting one, with Matt Damon's sci-fi epic "Elysium" debuting alongside Disney's "Cars" spinoff "Planes" and the Jennifer Aniston comedy "We're the Millers." For now, though, here are this weekend's box office figures, courtesy of

1. "2 Guns" - $27.4m (our review)

2. "The Wolverine" - $21.7m (our review)

3. "Smurfs 2" - $18.2m (our review)

4. "The Conjuring" - $13.7m (our review)

5. "Despicable Me 2" - $10.4m (our review)

6. "Grown Ups 2" - $8.1m (our review)

7. "Turbo" - $6.4m (our review)

8. "Red 2" - $5.7m (our review)

9. "The Heat" - $4.7m (our review)

10. "Pacific Rim" - $4.6m (our review)