Exclusive Trailer: 'You Will Be My Son'


A family vineyard isn't exactly your standard setting for a dark melodrama, but writer-director Gilles Legrand has chosen it as the backdrop of his latest film, "You Will Be My Son". Shot on location at the Chateau Clos Fourtet in France, "You Will Be My Son" follows the problematic relationship between a father and his son.

Paul de Marseul (Neils Arestrup) is the proprietor of his family's prestigious wine estate. A passionate and demanding winemaker, Paul has no faith in his son, Martin (Lorant Deutsch), who also works at the vineyard. Paul dreams of a more talented, charismatic and successful son to be his rightful heir. When Paul's manager, Francois (Patrick Chesnais), is diagnosed with cancer, Paul meets Francois' son, Philip (Nicolas Bridet), who is also in the wine business. Paul sees Philip as his ideal son and subsequently turns away from his own flesh and blood.

Check out the exclusive trailer for the film, which opens in New York and Los Angeles starting next month.


"You Will Be My Son" originally premiered at Festival Paris Cinéma in 2011. It will open in New York City's Paris Theater on Aug. 16, 2013 and in Los Angeles on Sept. 13, 2013.