Exclusive Clip: Fiona Richmond 'Road Tests' Some Men in Michael Winterbottom's 'The Look of Love'

Looks like Carrie Bradshaw has a little British competition, and her name is Fiona Richmond.

In "The Look of Love," an upcoming British biopic centered around Paul Raymond, a publisher who opened the U.K.'s first strip club, Raymond (Steve Coogan) is hoping to spice up his adult men's magazine with a new sex column. But the question is: What woman has the nerve and gumption to detail her sexcapades in print (or "road test" men, as he aptly puts it)? Like an angel answering Raymond's prayers, Miss Richmond (Tamsin Egerton) waltzes into his life ready to take on the task (and take off her clothes).

In this exclusive clip, check out Richmond's first meeting with Raymond and his associate, where she locks down the job by turning up the heat with some R-rated dirty talk. In fact, the talk is so hot, Raymond asks Richmond to strip down in the middle of the club. Spicy!

"The Look of Love" is slated for a limited U.S. release this Friday, July 5.