Your Daily Short: 'The S From Hell'

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THE FILM: “The S From Hell” (directed by Rodney Ascher) 2010


WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: It's not an "S." Where I come from, it's a symbol that means "pure evil." I love shorts that broaden the format, particularly when said shorts don't rely on a mess of resources and visual wizardry to do so. Another tech demo in the guise of a narrative? Snooze. A mock essay film that repurposes archival footage to add a sinister dimension to Hollywood minutia? Count me in. Anyone who's had the pleasure of watching Rodney Ascher's "Room 237," a documentary about obsessively far-fetched interpretations of "The Shining," will immediately recognize the filmmaker's footprint on this clever and bleakly hilarious little number, which premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. "The S From Hell," effectively gives the "Room 237" treatment to the Screen Gems logo, the conceit being that the studio icon was an instrument of the devil, graphic design of the damned. It's an extremely fun watch, especially for film nerds.

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