Exclusive: Get to Know Biaggio in this 'Kings of Summer' Featurette

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In his first leading role since Rico, the pipsqueak nuisance in "Hannah Montana,"  Moises Arias plays Biaggio in Jordan Vogt-Roberts' "The Kings of Summer." While Biaggio and Rico share some qualities—annoying tendencies, random outbursts and social awkwardness—Biaggio seems softer, more humane (and funny) than the cartoonish Rico. We’re actually rooting for him in “Summer.”

Biaggio’s lovable (and maddening) character is on full display in this exclusive featurette "Biaggio in 60 Seconds." Here, we are introduced to Biaggio, the unabashed third wheel to friends Joe (Nick Robinson) and Patrick (Gabriel Basso). Nick is on a quest for independence and decides to run away and find solace in the forest; he recruits Patrick on his mission and somehow stumbles upon Biaggio. In spite, Biaggio serves as Nick’s right-hand man in the woods, teaching him how to properly kill animals, slicing a watermelon with a sword and crafting parent-deceiving kidnapping notes. It’s like Rico 2.0: grown up and infinitely more likable.

Check out "Biaggio in 60 Seconds” and all of his fast-hands-camouflage glory.

"Kings of Summer" is currently in theaters.