The 2013 MTV Movie Awards: Snubs & Surprises

Well, the MTV Movie Awards breezed into our lives and breezed out again, carrying us through 140 minutes worth of Rebel Wilson, screaming fanboys and fangirls, and as many bush jokes in one place as we've seen since the last Presidential administration. In the process, we learned that the MTV demographic really valued superhero collectives and troubled Philadelphia romances. At least when they're not able to vote for "Twilight" in every category like they've been doing for the past four years.

Here's our full recap of the night that was!

So what were the night's biggest snubs and surprises?

SURPRISE: Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress in Absentia

Silver Linings Playbook

After steamrolling through the more traditional awards season, Lawrence took the night off despite multiple nominations for her performance in "Silver Linings Playbook." (To be fair, she's filming "X-Men: Days of Future Past," not at home with her feet up, not that we'd blame her for doing that either.) Turns out, the MTV audience loved J-Law just as much as anyone this season. She won two awards -- Best Female Performance and Best Kiss (with Bradley Cooper). Only Best Kiss was handed out during the live telecast, though fans did get a glimpse of Lawrence during the much-hyped trailer for the next "Hunger Games" movie, "Catching Fire."

SNUB: "Twilight"


After four straight years of utter dominance, the nominating committee left "Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2" almost completely off the ballot, save for a pity nomination for Taylor Lautner in Best Shirtless Performance. That there are no longer any further "Twilight" movies and thus no direct marketing-based reason to feature the films is probably only a coincidence. The Twi-hards ended up boycotting the awards -- though not before voting en masse for Lautner to win his category, robbing Channing Tatum in what some pundits have dubbed the MTV Movie Awards’ “‘Shakespeare in Love’ moment.”

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SURPRISE: Love That Loki


In a supreme confluence of actual merit and MTV awardage, Tom Hiddleston won Best Villain for his role as Loki in "The Avengers." Hiddleston also took the stage when "The Avengers" won Best Fight. His Best Villain speech, however, went on for a billion years as he bubbled over his thanks for his first major American moment in the spotlight. Hey, at least he didn't thank CAA like Jamie Foxx did.

SNUB: Hushpuppy Silenced


And thus closes the fun awards-season ride of young Quvenzhane Wallis, who was bested by Rebel Wilson for Breakthrough Performance, then had to sit in the front row while Seth Rogen and Danny McBride dropped trou. She stuck it out to the end, though, snacking on some popcorn during the Best Film presentation.

SURPRISE: Coming Soon


Who could have expected that Emma Watson's Trailblazer Award would have turned into a de facto promo for "The Bling Ring"? The MTV Movie Awards' promotional promise was fulfilled, with preview clips for "Star Trek Into Darkness" (complete with appearance's by the film's stars, including Zachary Quinto's mandatory out-of-the-closet swooping fauxhawk), "Fast and Furious 6," "World War Z," "Iron Man 3," and the aforementioned "Catching Fire" clip, which was the only true trailer debut of the evening, and which showed off how much Francis Lawrence's film appears to be expanding the scope of the novel in pretty exciting and promising ways.

SNUB: Aubrey Plaza

 Actress Aubrey Plaza attends the premiere of NBC's Parks & Recreation on April 9, 2009

Somehow, Aubrey Plaza ("Parks and Recreation"; "Damsels in Distress") did not win the Comedic Genius Award, presented to Will Ferrell. Undaunted, Plaza took the stage (drink in hand) and attempted to unhand Ferrell in the middle of his speech. She was ultimately thwarted (and reportedly escorted out of the building), but her sharpie-scrawled "The To-Do List" on her chest served as a crucial bit of guerrilla marketing.

Watch the video of Aubrey's stage-bomb on MTV.

SNUB: Best Kiss


Never have we seen such disrespect given to MTV's signature category. Not only was the award unceremoniously wedged into the middle of the show, but Lawrence's absence meant that Cooper's acceptance speech did not include kissing of any kind, which is totally against protocol. (Also, seriously, Logan Lerman and Emma Watson were robbed.)

SURPRISE: "The Avengers"


Okay, so it wasn't exactly a surprise that Marvel's big superhero epic took Best Film. I predicted as much, after all. But who could have predicted Joss Whedon to land the night's best line, when he idly wondered, "What's the opposite of humbled? We're 'Biebered' by this award..." Sadly, the lack of Selena Gomez reaction shot kept the show from going out on the highest of notes.