Your Daily Short: Buster Keaton's 'One Week'

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THE SHORT: "One Week" (directed by Buster Keaton) 1920


WHY WE LOVE IT: You mean, besides the obvious? The first film that Buster Keaton released on his own (after years of collaborating with Fatty Arbuckle), "One Week" isn't just a masterclass on slapstick and physical storytelling (Keaton's contributions to which continue to profoundly inform even the most popular contemporary cinema, from Pixar to Marvel), it's also a beautifully efficient portrait of what it means to share your life with another person. The story of a newly married couple who receive a "build-it-yourself" house as a wedding gift, "One Week" uses wild shenanigans to explore the sweet frustrations of modern living, anticipating sitcom culture while simultaneously calling attention to its failings.

Okay, real talk: my sister and her husband screened a 16mm print of this film at their joint bachelor / bachelorette party (the strippers were invited to watch with us), along with a number of other great films. Cut to a few years later, and that same sister is in labor with her first child as I type this. Scrambling to find a short to post today, "One Week" is the first thing that came to mind. Enjoy, and I hope that this movie can find a special place for you, as well.

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