Exclusive Clip: Ron Howard on the Making of 'Willow'

The prophecy is true: 'Willow' is finally adventuring into the world of high-definition, as tomorrow sees the Blu-ray release of Ron Howard's beloved cult classic. A loving cross between "Lord of the Rings" and the story of Moses, "Willow" tells the story of Warwick Davis' titular Nelwyn (a dwarf-like race of magical conjurers), whose children find a human baby abandoned on a raft near their village. The infant, of course, is The Chosen One who the fates foretell will cause the defeat of the evil Queen Bavmorda, but only if our plucky hero can carry the child back to her kingdom and fulfill his own unexpected role in the prophecy.

Initially conceived by George Lucas (who personally brought the idea to Ron Howard), and gamely anticipating both the atmosphere and locations that would prove so pivotal to Peter Jackson's landmark fantasy trilogy 13 years later, this transportive 1988 adventure has much more to offer than its ample nostalgic value (i.e. young Val Kilmer rocking the sweet shirtless / braided hair combo that the "Twilight" films would later adopt for their werewolves). The new Blu-ray, a combo-pack that also includes a DVD of the film, sports a pristine new transfer that was directly overseen by the technical wizards at Lucasfilm, along with deleted scenes and Warwick Davis' video diaries among other neat bonuses.

Below, check out an exclusive peek at one such extra, in which Ron Howard discusses how "Willow" was his first big cinematic adventure: