Ho Hum: 'Identity Thief' Leads Boring Box Office Weekend

It's a big weekend for Hollywood, with the Razzies, the Independent Spirit Awards and the Oscars all taking place. And that overload of award season excitement may help explain why audiences just weren't so enthusiastic at the box office this weekend. After all, when you're busy talking about the best movies of the year, how can you get pumped up about "Snitch?"

The answer is you can't, which is why holdover "Identity Thief" grabbed the top spot in its third week of release with $14.1 million. That was enough to beat out "Snitch," which debuted to just $13 million, a disappointing result for the usually dependable Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Still, that was significantly better than the weekend's other new release, as "Dark Skies" bombed to the tune of $8.9 million, good for just sixth place. The sci-fi horror flick also received just a C+ Cinemascore grade from viewers, leading to a downward spiral over the weekend as bad word of mouth spread.

And bad word of mouth was also to blame for "A Good Day to Die Hard's" total freefall; debuting at number one last weekend, the hoary Bruce Willis franchise fell all the way to fifth place with only $10 million.

All in all, it seems that most film fans were content watching free shows about good movies rather than paying to watch crummy movies at the theater. Hey, we always said we had the smartest readers on the internet.

Next weekend should be a very different story at the box office,  though, with three major new releases — "Jack the Giant Slater," "21 and Over" and "The Last Exorcism 2" — all arriving in theaters. Until then, here's a look at this week's fill box office top ten, courtesy of Hollywood.com:

1. "Identity Thief" - $14.1m (our review)

2. "Snitch" - $13m (our review)

3. "Escape From Planet Earth" - $11m (our review)

4. "Safe Haven" - $10.6m (our review)

5. "A Good Day to Die Hard" - $10m (our review)

6. "Dark Skies" - $8.9m (our review)

7. "Silver Linings Playbook" - $6.1m (our review)

8. "Warm Bodies" - $4.8m (our review)

9. "Beautiful Creatures" - $3.4m (our review)

10. "Side Effects" - $2.5m (our review)