It's A Good Weekend to 'Die Hard' at the Box Office

Bruce Willis's John McClane is famous for winning knock-down, drag-out fights and this weekend was no exception, as "A Good Day to Die Hard" held off a crowded field of contenders to take the top spot at the holiday box office.

With an estimated final total of $25 million, the fifth entry in the tottering "Die Hard" franchise barely beat out returning champion "Identity Thief," as the Melissa McCarthy comedy stayed strong with $23.4 million. And both films were pushed hard by the Valentine's Day romance "Safe Haven," which debuted at number one on Thursday before fading slightly over the weekend to $21.4 million.

You may note that one major new release is conspicuously absent from that list: "Beautiful Creatures," which hoped to fill the post-"Twilight" gap with a nearly identical formula that included love triangles, supernatural teenagers, a popular young adult novel and a vigorous viral campaign. However, fans stayed away in droves, leading to a dismal sixth place debut at just $7.5 million.

Whether or not the whole "Twilight"-inspired teen romance/fantasy craze is finally over, though, won't be clear until "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer's "The Host" hits theaters on March 29. Cross your fingers!

Here's a run down of the full box office top ten, courtesy of

1. "A Good Day to Die Hard" - $25m (our review)

2. "Identity Thief" - $23.4m (our review)

3. "Safe Haven" - $21.4m (our review)

4. "Escape From Planet Earth" - $16.1m (our review)

5. "Warm Bodies" - $9m (our review)

6. "Beautiful Creatures" - $7.5m (our review)

7. "Side Effects" - $6.3m (our review)

8. "Silver Linings Playbook" - $6.1m (our review)

9. "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" - $3.5m

10. "Zero Dark Thirty" - $3.1m (our review)