Infographic: The Movie Kid Pyramid

From adorably bespectacled tots like "Jerry Maguire"’s Ray Boyd to horrifying bile-spewing hellions like "The Exorcist"’s Regan McNeil, kids in movies have long elicited a wide spectrum of appeal and revulsion from audiences. Whereas many movie kids endear themselves to us the minute they appear onscreen, others straddle that fine line between charming and menacing with nothing more than a mischievous glint in their eye.

In order to sort out the little angels from the pint-sized demons, we’ve deduced once and for all where a bunch of prominent child-characters stand on the cute-to-creepy scale by creating The Movie Kid Pyramid.

Aside from the diminutive darlings on top and the evil S.O.B.s on the bottom, those occupying space in the middle of the pyramid are very much open for debate. This is especially true when actors such as Drew Barrymore and Macaulay Culkin play characters that have clearly stood on both sides of the fence. Take a look at our graphic below and see if you agree with the positions we’ve designated for these wee icons. Click here for the hi-res version.

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