Alt Weekly: 'The Gatekeepers' and More

Welcome back to Alt Weekly, a column in which we shine a spotlight on the independent films brave enough to open opposite Hollywood's behemoth blockbusters before rolling out in wider release.

This week puts wronged women and Southern spirits up against the brain-destroying likes of "Warm Bodies" and "Bullet to the Head."


Filmmaker Cred: This is Dror Moreh's first documentary since 2008's "Sharon."

Star Power: No.

Festival/Awards Buzz: This insightful documentary about, and featuring, the heads of Israeli security is one of five contenders for this year's Best Documentary Academy Award. Here's our review.

Release Details: Opens in NY/LA this weekend and begins expanding across the country on February 22nd.

See This If ... You have an interest in how the best intentions of peace-keeping and anti-terrorism forces can and do go awry.


Filmmaker Cred: Director Austin Chick last directed the 2008 Josh Hartnett drama "August."

Star Power: Danielle Panabaker, Michael Stahl-David.

Festival/Awards Buzz: This girl-powered exploitation flick premiered to less-than-impressed reviews at last spring's South by Southwest Film Festival.

Release Details: Only NY and LA this weekend.

See This If ... You're up for a rape-revenge outing and can't wait for the film's DVD release at the end of the month.


Filmmaker Cred: This marks Tom Elkins' directorial debut.

Star Power: Chad Michael Murray, Katee Sackhoff, Cicely Tyson.

Festival/Awards Buzz: Not a peep yet about this in-name-only sequel to 2009's "The Haunting in Connecticut."

Release Details: Available in select cities and everywhere On Demand starting this Friday.

See This If ... You're still a sucker for this "based on a true story" hokum.


Filmmaker Cred: This is the first film from director Neil Barsky.

Star Power: Ed Koch, who passed away with eerie timing just last night.

Festival/Awards Buzz: This documentary about the former NYC mayor saw scarce festival play, premiering at last October's Hamptons Film Festival.

Release Details: NY this Friday, LA at the start of March, and these markets in between.

See This If ... You just really want a glimpse into the life and times of this particular politician.