Presidents in Movies: The Ultimate Infographic

If there's one job in the world more powerful and prestigious than President of the United States, it's playing the President of the United States in a Hollywood movie. If you do it right, you're pretty much a shoo-in to get an Oscar nomination (see: Daniel Day-Lewis in "Lincoln"). And if you totally mess it up, well, half the country will love it even more.

But just as there's a hierarchy in Hollywood (George Clooney > George Wendt) there's also a hierarchy when it comes to ranking the coolest Presidents ever (William Jefferson Clinton > William Howard Taft). So that got us thinking: Just which presidents are most popular with filmmakers — and which ones are lagging way behind in the popular vote?

With that in mind, here's a rundown of all the presidents and the number of times they've been portrayed in movies, presented in one handy infographic.

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Presidents Infographic

Research by Scott Harris