Trailer: 'Warm Bodies'

When the good guy in your movie is a zombie, coming up with a decent bad guy has got to be a pretty big challenge. But as the trailer for the offbeat zombie rom-com "Warm Bodies" shows, there's only one thing in Hollywood scarier than flesh-eating undead — and that's a live, scenery-eating John Malkovich.

What's a zombie in love to do?

Here's the decidedly unexpected premise behind "Warm Bodies:" Nicholas Hoult plays a mostly mindless zombie who spends his days shuffling around looking for brains to feast on. When he sets his eyes on a particularly hot living dish, however — "I Am Number Four"'s Teresa Palmer — he suddenly falls head over heels in love. And amazingly, this begins turning him back from a zombie into a real, live boy. It's kind of like "The Walking Dead" meets "Pinocchio" by way of "Romeo and Juliet."

Just one problem: Before they met, Hoult ate her boyfriend. Oh, and there's actually a second problem: Her dad is John Malkovich, and he's in charge of destroying all zombies in order to save mankind.

It all adds up to one of the weirdest rom-coms in memory, even before you factor in the always-awesome Rob Corddry as Hoult's zombie best friend. "Warm Bodies" hits theaters on Feb. 1, but you can check out the madness for yourself right now courtesy of