Movies Streaming/On Demand This Week: 'Expendables 2,' 'Men in Black 3' & More

For this week, you can get nostalgic with ‘80s action heroes in "The Expendables 2" or get jiggy with Will Smith in "Men in Black 3." And then there’s Edward Burns’ aptly-timed "The Fitzgerald Family Christmas" to get you prepared for hanging with family during Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Turkey Day, we also have some holiday-themed titles you can see now On Demand.


'The Expendables 2'

Sylvester Stallone returns with his buffed up crew of mercenaries for a second go-around of big explosions, big guns and big egos. In this installment, Sly is called upon to reunite the team for an easy mission. Of course, nothing's ever really easy. After one of his guys is murdered, they enact a little revenge.

Why Watch It: With new additions like Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme and a beefier part for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sly’s mission to make ‘80s action stars relevant again is almost complete.

Available On: iTunes, Cable On Demand, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'Men in Black 3'

While on the subject of comebacks, 10 years after "MI2," Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return for another top-secret mission. This time Agent J (Smith) goes back in time to save Agent K (Jones) from being assassinated. Stuck in the ‘60s, he soon teams with the young K (Josh Brolin) for some alien butt kicking.

Why Watch It: Brolin playing a younger Jones is so on the mark, it’s scary.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant (Cable On Demand 11/30)


Shot before Whitney Houston’s untimely death, this look at the rise and fall of small town sisters who form a girl group stars Jordin Sparks in her film debut.

Why Watch It: If you’re a fan of "Dreamgirls," this one’s for you.

Available On: iTunes , VUDU, Amazon Instant (Cable On Demand 11/30)

'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas'

Despite its title, this movie might not bring the holiday cheer, but it could bring your family closer together. Edward Burns’ latest DIY effort is a family drama surrounding an estranged father who asks to come to the family Christmas dinner for the first time in 20 years.

Why Watch It: Burns headlines a strong cast including "Friday Night Lights" fave Connie Britton.

Available On: Cable On Demand

'For a Good Time, Call...'

One of the most talked about films at this year’s Sundance, the film didn’t do much at the box office earlier this year but this is a release tailor-made for the VOD audience. Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor star as two former frenemies turned roommates who fall on tough times and decide to start a phone sex line to make ends meet.

Why Watch It: Some great cameos mixed with good, old-fashioned raunchy humor.

Available On: Cable On Demand

'Head Games'

With concussions being the hot topic currently in football, it's no surprise that Steve James is on top of it with an engaging documentary on the topic. He follows one-time wrestler now concussion expert Christopher Nowinski as he tries to shed light on sports-related head injuries.

Why Watch It: Who knew “Chris Harvard” really had smarts?

Available On: iTunes, Cable On Demand, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'Wild Horse, Wild Ride'

This moving documentary looks at the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge, which tasks 100 people to each tame a wild mustang in order for them to get adopted instead of being moved to federal corrals.

Why Watch It: Witnessing horses that have never been touched by a human finally learn to trust them is an amazing sight.

Available On: Cable On Demand


Pieces of AprilThanksgiving Movies On Demand

After filling yourself with turkey, stuffing and all the other trimmings, sit back and watch some of the Thanksgiving titles your On Demand provider has bundled. Some of the highlights: "The Ice Storm," "Pieces of April" (pictured right) and "Planes Trains and Automobiles."

Available: Cable On Demand


Danny Boyle’s stylized look at heroine addiction gave us an amazing soundtrack and made us fall in love with Ewan McGregor.

Available On: Hulu (free)


The epitome of ‘80s snobbery, Winona Ryder plays a high schooler on the fringe of being with the in-crowd. She eventually meets Christian Slater’s J.D. who shows her a more devious way to play the social scene.

Available On: Hulu (free)