Check This: 'Liam Neeson: The Musical'

Just in case you hadn't heard the word on the street, Liam Neeson is a TOTAL badass, and everyone knows when you kick butt at the caliber he does, you eventually get a musical written about you.

It worked for Sweeney Todd, Annie Oakley and The Lion King, and now 60-year-old Neeson is joining the pantheon of great musical theater attractions with "Liam Neeson: The Musical."

This two-minute tribute to the "Taken 2" star was written by Jon and Al Kaplan, the same loony lyricists who brought you the musical version of "John Carpenter's The Thing," not to mention the off-Broadway Hannibal Lecter-ific hit "Silence! The Musical."

Watch as these toe-tapping tunesmiths manage to work in every cool movie Neeson's ever been in, from action-fests like "Rob Roy" and "The Grey" to "Schindler's List." That's right, someone wrote a rhyming song lyric about "Schindler's List." Springtime for Hitler indeed.

Enjoy the clip below, and for God's sake take the f**king elephant.