Exclusive: 'Jack and Diane' Clip

It's a hot New York City summer when Riley Keough and Juno Temple meet and fall deeply in like. The fairy-like Temple plays Diane, a glittery, wild-haired moppet from England, while Riley is a super cool skateboarding girl with a painful past. When Jack finds out Diane will be leaving NYC soon to go to school in France, well, things get a little hairy.

"Jack and Diane" is directed by Bradley Rust Gray, whose credits include the lovely Zoe Kazan film "The Exploding Girl." We last saw Juno Temple in "The Dark Knight Rises," and Keough appeared in "Magic Mike." (It's also worth noting Keough's crazy cool genes; she's the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley!) Music is provided by the fantastic Icelandic band Múm, and the Brothers Quay did the beautifully creepy animations.

"Jack and Diane" is now available on demand and will be in theaters November 2. Check out this exclusive clip for a taste.

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