Video Q&A: Viola Davis 'Won't Back Down'

It's not always obvious why an actor chooses a certain role. In the case of Viola Davis and her new movie "Won't Back Down," it couldn't be more clear: good education is cause célèbre most dear to Davis' heart.

"We Won't Back Down" follows a teacher (Davis) and a mother (Maggie Gyllenhaal) fighting to repair their children's subpar public school. We asked the Oscar-nominated actress about her interest in the role; Davis explained, "I thought it was a wonderful character that I could go on a journey with ... I'm so passionate about education. I'm so involved in the charter school in Central Falls, my hometown. My teachers went to my wedding, they're going to be at the premiere, they come to my house for dinner. I thought [the movie] paid homage to teachers and I thought it was very pro-education."

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