New Video Tells Us Exactly 'How Time Travel Works'

"Looper" comes out this week, and, if you're a fan of mind-melting sci-fi action, then history has predetermined that you must haul ass to the theater.

One thing Rian Johnson's thriller cleverly sidesteps is a drawn-out exposition on the nature of time travel so we get more of Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt shooting people, but the folks at Flavorwire have cobbled together a perfectly rational explanation of "How Time Travel Works."

Utilizing clips from just about every film in the sub-genre, editor Jason Bailey mashed up all the far-fetched, convoluted movie theories on time travel that tell us "where we've been, where we're going, the pitfalls, the possibilities, the perils and the promise," as ol' Doc Brown said in "Back to the Future II."

Some of the flicks cannibalized for this increasingly ludicrous How-To guide include "Primer," "12 Monkeys," "The Terminator" and "Timecrimes," all of which had a very clear influence on the brilliant "Looper."