Check This: 'Looper' Gets More Animated in New Trailer

We didn't know "Looper" was an "art film."

You may be avoiding watching any more clips from Rian Johnson's highly anticipated sci-fi action drama in order to avoid spoilers, but that shouldn't keep you from checking out this gorgeous new trailer that incorporates fractured animation to create a stylized postmodern film noir world.

The trailer incorporates a paintbrush technique that makes the images as mesmerizing as Johnson's twisty-turny narrative; the complete lack of dialogue and meticulously crafted sound design make it all the more hypnotic -- and exciting!

Is this to "Looper" what "La Jetee" was to "12 Monkeys" (but in reverse order, in keeping with the time travel theme)? We might dare to say so.

Check it out below, and thanks to for the find. "Looper" opens Sept. 28.