Check This: Animals Covering Their Eyes Supercut

Ever since the first drunk guy laughed at a horse galloping on a zoetrope, we've loved watching animals in the movies.

What we love even more than animals bounding around in their natural state of being is when cute critters do human stuff, like rolling their eyes, wearing dresses or covering their eyes in fear or embarrassment. Now Huffington Post has curated a video mash-up called "Animals Covering Their Eyes: The Most Adorable Movie Cliché Ever?"

That's a rhetorical question, by the way, because the answer is a resounding "YES!"

In the video you'll see clips of dogs, cats, monkeys, and other assorted pets being annoyed and/or terrified by their human counterparts. Some of the clips we noticed came from such cheesy camp classics as "The Cat in the Hat," "K-9," "Evan Almighty" "Beethoven’s 2nd," and slapstick Kevin James vehicle "The Zookeeper."

The video was cut together by Oliver Noble of FilmDrunk, who posted a complete list of all the movies you saw in the clip… assuming you didn't cover your eyes too.