Trailer: 'Life of Pi'

For thousands of years, the mathematical constant known as pi has helped mankind harness the power of science to build and create a new world for humanity. Recently, though, pi has taken on an even more important role: As the cool inspiration for pop culture touchstones like Darren Aronofsky's cult classic film "Pi" and March 14, a.k.a. Pi Day. It's no longer square to be a circle.

So what could possibly make pi even better? Well, how about a giant tiger?

Yeah, welcome to the new trailer for "Life of Pi."

Of course, we should warn you in advance that there is very little actual math in "Life of Pi." That's because the pi in question isn't actually π, but rather an Indian kid named Pi Patel (played by Suraj Sharma) who ends up adrift at sea in a tiny boat filled with, well, a giant tiger.

And while that's an equation that you would expect to have a zero sum answer, the actual journey for Pi and his new tiger companion goes in directions youvwould never expect, as fans of the original source novel by author Yann Martel can attest.

Directed by Oscar winner Ang Lee, here's the trailer for "Life of Pi," courtesy of Apple Trailers. So check it out — and add "Pi" to your circle of friends.