'Kung Fu Panda 3' and 'Twins 2' in the Works

Comic-Con is always full of announcements, teasers, hijinks and people in all-too-revealing cosplay outfits. Yesterday it brought two sequel-related bombs.

During a panel yesterday, DreamWorks COO Bill Damaschke mentioned that another "Kung Fu Panda" movie with chatty Jack Black is in the works. The first two grossed millions in the States and even more overseas, so it seems like a no-brainer to bring the adorable panda and his pals back to the screen.

On the other hand, while it's no surprise that Arnold Schwarzenegger is rebooting his action career since his time as the Governator has come to a close, we didn't really expect him to talk about a sequel to "Twins" during "The Expendables 2" panel.

The cigar aficionado told audience members, "I can tell you that I have been interested in doing a sequel for many years, called maybe 'Triplets,'" adding, "Ivan Reitman has shown interest again in being involved in the project, Universal Studios has been very excited about it. So we are now looking for a great writer to write the sequel, and I'm looking forward to actually doing it, because I think it would be hilarious."

The news that came out in March was that Schwarzenegger and his original twin, played by that limoncello-loving rascal Danny DeVito, would discover that they're actually triplets, and that their long-lost brother is Eddie Murphy.

As Schwarzenegger said, they're still looking for a writer, which is maybe not the best sign. Although he name-checked Reitman, he's only on board as a producer, according to The Hollywood Reporter. We'll believe this one when we see it. And even when we see it, we might not still believe it.