Christian Bale and Nicolas Cage Will Make Electricity in Tesla Flick

Nikola Tesla is one of the coolest cats in history, arguably one of the most important figures in science, and also, by the end of his life, quite the eccentric. Who better to play him in an upcoming movie than the grumbly Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale?

He's been attached to one of the two Tesla projects in development for some time now, but apparently Nicolas Cage is in talks to play Thomas Edison as well. The tentative title, "Tesla, Ruler of the World," and the description makes it sound like less of a biopic and more of a bananas big budget movie.

Wild Rooster reports the film "will link events from Tesla's life to a modern day story of technological crisis."

In addition to Edison, the story will include real-life folks like world-famous actress Sarah Bernhardt, banker J. P. Morgan and engineer George Westinghouse. Edison and Tesla worked together until they had a rather public fight, at which point Tesla linked up with Westinghouse, which, of course, irked Edison to no end. The rivalry is referred to the War of the Currents, which is pretty wild. So, if these reports are correct, Bale and Cage would be going head-to-head as rivals and we can expect much scenery will be chewed.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen Tesla on the big screen. David Bowie played the scientist in "The Prestige," Christopher Nolan's adaptation of the book by Christopher Priest. Bale starred in the film opposite Hugh Jackman as magicians vying to create the best stage illusion. Jackman's character actually travels to see Tesla in a fictionalized interaction about a teleportation machine.

The offer is out to Mike Newell ("Great Expectations," "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire") to direct the movie, but he hasn't yet signed on the dotted line. The movie will be filmed in Chicago, though no production schedule is currently in place.