'The Dark Knight Rises' Superhero Soundtrack Streaming Online

We were on the fence about "The Dark Knight Rises" for a while. Christopher Nolan, Christan Bale, Tom Hardy, blah blah blah. Whatever! But our ears perked up when we heard the full Hans Zimmer soundtrack streaming online over at Empire mag.

Just kidding! We're dying to see "TDKR," and streaming its soundtrack is exquisite torture as we mark the days off on our calendar for the July 20 premiere. Composer Hans Zimmer is Hollywood's go-to dude for soundtracks, and he's been nominated for a slew of Oscars for his work on a wide variety of movies, from "Sherlock Holmes" to "Gladiator," and "The Lion King" to "The Thin Red Line." Zimmer also worked with Nolan on "Batman Begins," "The Dark Knight" and "Inception," which snagged the composer an Oscar.

The good folks at Empire made sure that the soundtrack and its titles are spoiler free, too, so you don't have to worry that you'll stumble across any big reveals as you're secretly listening to the soundtrack at your desk when you're supposed to be working.

You'll be able to buy the soundtrack for yourself on July 16, a mere six days away. Meanwhile, the fancy mag from England has a ton of cool Batman stuff to check out, like "The Dark Knight" location travel guide and a major feature on the film from way back in 2008.