You Can Become a 'Despicable' Minion at Universal Studios Orlando

Tired of strolling through Hogwarts in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Get a new perspective on life on the new "Despicable Me" ride at Universal Studios Orlando, where you'll be transformed into a funky yellow minion as part of its Minion Mayhem attraction.

"Despicable Me" stars Miranda Cosgrove, Dana Gaier and Elsie Fisher were on hand to launch the Minion Mayhem ride on July 2. The three young actresses voice the plucky orphans who warm the heart of would-be villain Gru, who is voiced by Steve Carell.

"It was so much fun to go on the ride, especially to see Elsie's reactions, because she absolutely adored it," said Cosgrove, who voices the oldest of Gru's daughters, Margo.

To join the Mayhem, Universal guests enter Gru's house, which is kitted out with minions and cartoony kitsch galore. After putting on 3-D goggles and scanned for germs, they're transmogrified into the little yellow guys and gals that do Gru's dirty work.

Fisher, who is indeed as adorable as her onscreen persona, said this was her favorite part of the experience. "I love when everyone turns into a minion, because it feels like you're a different person," she said.

As Gru is speechifying from above, the girls interrupt. Adorable little Agnes (Fisher) announces she has a present for Gru to celebrate the fact it's the anniversary of the day he adopted her, Edith and Margo. The three girls beg their father to let them lead the training, and he relents.

Inside the "training facility," guests sit in benches of four in front of a giant screen. With their 3-D glasses on, we prospective minions watch as the girls take everyone through the secret minion lab. Things get wild as the girls lead the new minions through the all the mayhem: through spraying water (yes, you will get wet!), anti-gravity rooms, and lots of twists and turns (although it's not nearly as dizzying as The Simpsons ride across the park).

All the while, Agnes continues to try to give Gru her present, and just when it looks like everything is lost, the girls (and guests) are saved. Daddy Gru opens his sweet present, and the newly minted minions are sent out to celebrate surviving the intense training.

At the end of the ride, everyone gathers in a room where "Boogie Fever" plays and all the minions show off their moves.  Folks (kids in particular) can dance for a few extra minutes before moving into the gift shop.

"I love how at the end, there's a dance party with the minions," Gaier said. "It was so much fun to see everyone dance."

And although the two younger actresses said they weren't allowed to share any news about the upcoming "Despicable Me 2," due in theaters summer 2013, Cosgrove did admit that Agnes has an exciting new storyline.

"Margo gets to have a little romance," Cosgrove told "It's fun because she's getting a little older, so she gets to have a love interest."