Girls Vs. Boys? No, 'Ted' and 'Magic Mike' Had a Battle of Politics

Two raunchy R-rated movies topped the box office this weekend, Seth MacFarlane bizarro comedy "Ted" and Steven Soderbergh's dance-off drama "Magic Mike." Although you'd think it would be simple enough to break down the earnings by gender -- dudes love a talking teddy bear with a potty mouth, and ladies are way into Channing Tatum's banana hammock -- there's another factor involved.

"Magic Mike" did its best business in red states, especially Tampa, FL, where the movie takes place. What NYC and LA residents sneeringly call "flyover states" were the ones snapping up tickets to see Soderbergh's latest. In these areas, "'Mike' effected double-digit spikes over the average percentage of movie tickets typically sold in those areas," according to Vulture. Not only were people coming out in droves to see Matthew McConaughey's thong song, but the number of ticket-buyers themselves was much higher than normal. Of course, these audiences were female-dominated, especially ladies in groups. Sometimes armed with booze, from what we hear!

"Ted," on the other hand, made a huge amount of money, but not necessarily just with guys. It made big bucks in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, and, of course, star Mark Wahlberg's hometown of Boston.

While plenty of folks are falling over themselves to analyze what it means to have droves of womenfolk making it rain for "Magic Mike," it's also worth noting that both movies were R-rated films and not franchises. While their b.o. earnings haven't come close to "The Avengers" and most likely won't, studios should take a cue from these results and pay attention to adults who want fresh ideas and not another franchise. Oh, and female audience members too. That would be cool. Because you know what came in third? That little Pixar flick about a fiery redhead with a bow and arrow and her mom, "Brave."