Benicio del Toro Will Play a Native American in 'Jimmy Picard'

Just yesterday Benicio del Toro was caught on tape gallivanting around town with director/mythical creature Terrance Malick, but today he's actually been cast in a new film that will add a new ethnicity to his repertoire.

According to Deadline, the Academy Award-winning Puerto Rican actor, who's played a Mexican ("Traffic"), an Argentinian ("Che"), and a British werewolf ("The Wolfman") over his storied career will take on the role of a Native American soldier who befriends his analyst after returning from World War II a changed man in "Jimmy Picard"

This will be the first film from acclaimed French director Arnaud Desplechin since 2008's "A Christmas Tale," and he adapted it from a true-life work on non-fiction titled "Reality and Dream: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian" by renowned ethnologist George Devereux, who championed the idea that psychoanalysis is inherently unobjective.

IonCinema has an excerpt from an interview with Desplechin that sheds a little more light on the dynamic between the two characters:

"I loved the opposition between the two characters: One is this little guy from Hungary, shameless and brutal; and the other’s this huge Indian who has been through the war and has some problems and is so shy and hesitant to speak about his problems," said Desplechin.

The director's frequent collaborator Mathieu Amalric ("The Diving Bell and the Butterfly") and the lovely British actress Gina McKee ("In The Loop," "Atonement") will co-star in the film which begins shooting on June 18 in Michigan.