Movies Streaming This Week: '21 Jump Street,' 'Project X' & More

We go back to school this week with comedies "21 Jump Street" and "Project X." There are also gritty indies available like "Snow on Tha Bluff" and "The FP," or you can hitch a ride to summer camp with Bill Murray in "Meatballs" or look for love in all the wrong places with John Travolta in "Urban Cowboy."


'21 Jump Street'

The long-awaited movie version of this popular late ’80s TV drama changes things up by making it a comedy. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill play a pair of underachieving cops who get assigned to go undercover at a high school to stop a drug ring.

Why Stream It: Tatum and Hill play the perfect odd couple.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'Project X'

Meshing the found-footage and teen house-party genres, "The Hangover" director Todd Phillips produces this outlandish comedy about three high school seniors who throw a party that gets out of control.

Why Stream It: Fans of high school party movies will have fun with this one.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'Jeff, Who Lives at Home'

Jason Segel plays Jeff, a 30-year-old who still lives in his parents’ basement. But when he finds out his brother’s (Ed Helms) wife is cheating on him, Jeff thinks he’s finally found his true calling as the two journey for answers.

Why Stream It: It's directed by the Duplass brothers -- find out why they're the new hot duo in Hollywood.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant

'Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie'

Recently added to Netlfix, the first movie made by the creators of "Tim and Eric" lives up to the hype as the duo blow a billion dollars to make their first movie and then decide to take over a struggling mall to get the money back.

Why Stream It: It's filled with A-list cameos including Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, John C. Reilly and Will Forte.

Available On: Netflix, Amazon Instant, YouTube

'Snow on Tha Bluff'

Another found-footage film that veers into uncharted waters takes a gritty look at Atlanta’s roughest neighborhood, known as “The Bluff.” Its main character is drug dealer Curtis Snow, who shows his life, mixed with shootings and drug deals. Recently the film caught the eye of Michael K. Williams ("Boardwalk Empire," "The Wire"), who signed on as an executive producer.

Why Stream It: You probably have never seen a movie quite like this.

Available On: iTunes


This Spanish sci-fi comedy follows hard partyer Julio, who wakes to find himself in the bed of a beautiful woman and comes to realize that overnight, a giant UFO has suddenly appeared in the sky. But with his infatuation for the girl growing, it’s hard for Julio to run for cover.

Why Stream It: It's a nice change of pace from the usual sci-fi movies.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU

'The FP'

A cult classic in the making. Dance gets serious as two rival gangs battle through a competitive dance-fight video game to gain supremacy.

Why Stream It: Think of it as "The Warriors" meets "Step Up."

Available On: iTunes, VUDU

'The Magic of Belle Isle'

In this film available through streaming before its theatrical release on July 6, Morgan Freeman plays Monte Wildhorn, a famous novelist who has lost the desire to write owing to his alcoholism. But after showing up at a summer lakeside cabin, he begins to turn his life around when he meets a single mother (played by Virginia Madsen) and her kids.

Why Stream It: If Morgan Freeman’s in it, it has to be watchable, right?

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant, YouTube


'Urban Cowboy'

New to Netflix, this classic stars John Travolta as a thick-headed Texas good ol’ boy. His competitive nature with his squeeze (Debra Winger) may ruin them when a electric bull riding machine is brought into their favorite bar.

Available On: iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant, Netflix


Don’t bother with the new Blu-ray version -- streaming's got ya covered on this Bill Murray classic about the wacky hijinks that occur at a summer camp.

Available On: VUDU, Amazon Instant, YouTube

'Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby'

You just can’t get enough of Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen, who go head to head in this hilarious comedy that gives us a thirst for some Mountain Dew and an interest to go back and watch "Highlander."

Available On: YouTube (free)