Weekly Trailer Report: 'Sinister,' 'Pitch Perfect,' 'Resident Evil: Retribution' and More

This week's offerings are a little documentary-heavy, and yet we have a few gems from the thriller and sex comedy realm as well. Both "For a Good Time, Call..." and "Magic Mike" look to make us both lust over and laugh at the sexy stars, and films like the new horror thriller "Sinister" and "Resident Evil: Retribution" will keep us both equally entertained and frightened. Ultimately, documentary must-sees abound this week, such as "The Queen of Versailles," "Woody Allen: A Documentary" and "Big Easy Express," which all showcase a different side of American life.

Let's delve into the thick of it, shall we?


A new horror thriller from director Scott Derrickson follows a crime writer (Ethan Hawke) as he unravels the mysteries of his own haunted home and a dark presence that begins to terrify his family. The trailer plays a bit with the idea of found footage, but don't worry -- this looks to be in the classic horror vein. Also starring Vincent D'Onofrio and Clare Foley.

'Resident Evil: Retribution'

Alice continues her fight against the powers that be -- and a whole host of undead. While fans of the franchise might balk at this new member of the "Resident Evil" family, it's great to see Milla Jovovich back in fine form as Alice.  Also starring Michelle Rodriguez.

'Pitch Perfect'

This college romp stars Anna Kendrick as a girl destined to sing, but this all girl acapella group needs a kick in the pants if they want to win the championship. This movie looks like it has the perfect mix of raunch, humor and singing. Good job, Kendrick.

'For a Good Time, Call...'

A wacky sex comedy starring Ari Graynor and Lauren Miller as roommates who start up a phone sex venture in order to afford their fabulous New York lifestyle. NSFW, obviously, this red band trailer shows Justin Long and Seth Rogen in fine form as well. While this may not be everybody's cup of tea, I find myself oddly looking forward to the movie.

'Magic Mike'

NSFW. Forget "The Dark Knight Rises" and forget "The Avengers." This right here is the most anticipated movie of the year, based on the real-life stripping adventures of Channing Tatum. He, Matthew McConaughey and a host of extremely hot men star as strippers! Male strippers! As you can probably guess, this trailer kind of has a lot of butts in it, so be careful where you watch it -- but oh man, June 29 cannot get here soon enough.

'The Queen of Versailles'

One of the best films at Sundance this year, this riches-to-rags documentary absolutely blew me away. The film follows a billionaire couple's attempt to build the biggest house in America -- and their tumultuous downfall in the wake of the recession. Director Lauren Greenfield manages to convey the humanity at the heart of the film and never makes anything too simplistic, instead choosing to tell the full story as best she can.

'Farewell, My Queen'

Oo la la, a completely different take on Marie Antoinette that explores the extremely intimate relationship between the queen and one of her readers. Starring Diane Kruger and Lea Seydoux, the film looks absolutely beautiful and tantalizing, to boot.

'War of the Buttons'

Aw, a cutesy feel-good French movie, produced by the guy that produced "The Artist." Rival gangs of kids declare war on one another, making for a comedy that looks pretty charming despite being set during World War II.

'Big Easy Express'

What happens when three bands pack up and head out on the railways for a cross-country tour? This documentary follows Mumford & Sons, Old Crow Medicine Show and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes as they travel across America in 2011. Sure to please fans of the bluegrassy indie genre.


A beautiful woman (Salma Hayek), trans-Atlantic mysteries, a death in the family and unwanted danger all collide in this powerful drama from Mathieu Demy. While it's definitely heavy on the sexy and the dangerous, I'm still not sure exactly what the movie is about ... which could be a good thing.

'Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry'

This documentary takes a look at the controversial artist who takes a stand against one of the strictest governments in the world and lives to tell the tale. Through his celebrity as a beloved and inventive artist and activist, Ai Weiwei is attempting to change the level of discourse and bring light to truly horrific problems in China.

'How to Survive a Plague'

Another powerful documentary, this one about the struggle to turn AIDS from a death sentence into a treatable condition, a battle that is fought both on the streets and in the hearts and minds of people.

'Woody Allen: A Documentary'

A fun and zany look at the life and work of director and actor Woody Allen from his friends and frequent collaborators. Featuring Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson, Diane Lane, Owen Wilson, Mariel Hemingway and many more.

'Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal'

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and I guess in this little indie film the artist finds inspiration in the sleepwalking cannibalistic antics of his friend Eddie. Canadians, eh?

'Music From the Big House'

Though many would expect men sentenced to life in prison to give up hope, this band of prisoners instead turned to music. A documentary that takes a look at the lives and musical prowess of a group of condemned prisoners as one woman seeks to engage them through the universal language of song.


In this ensemble thriller, a group of seeming unconnected people begin to come in contact with one another as their lives unexpectedly intersect. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz and more.

'The Helpers'

This appears to be your basic run-of-the-mill horror torture porn with some sort of road trip/kidnapping subplot. The trailer explains nothing about the plot and mainly just shows "shocking images" of people bleeding and screaming.

And that's all for this week, folks. We'll see you next Friday for more trailers, dissection and discussion.