Justin Bartha Will Be Young, Loud And Snotty in 'CBGB'

We'd love to see actor Justin Bartha step out from between his career rock (the guy in "Hangover" movies who doesn't have any of the fun) and a hard place (the mentally handicapped dude in "Gigli") and land a truly meaty role.

Well, hold the phone, it looks like said role might be in sight, as Deadline reports Bartha will play notorious punk rocker Stiv Bators, frontman for The Dead Boys, in the star-studded "CBGB" biopic.

The Dead Boys hailed from Cleveland, Ohio, and were known for some seriously raucous gigs, like this performance of punk anthem "Sonic Reducer" caught on tape at the club in 1977. Their propulsive sound and wild antics, which included Bators slashing himself with his mic stand or hanging himself onstage, ended after three years when their record company tried to hastily push them into the mainstream. Bators was killed in 1990 after a taxi hit him in Paris and he didn't see a doctor. His girlfriend supposedly snorted his ashes.

Bartha will be joined onscreen by "Harry Potter" star Rupert Grint as Dead Boys' ginger lead guitarist Cheetah Chrome. The film on the legendary rock club CBGB also sports Malin Ackerman as Debbie Harry, Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins as Iggy Pop, and Alan Rickman as the East Village bar’s proprietor Hily Kristal.

Filming launches next month in Savannah, Ga., then moves to NYC. Expect sales of CBGB-related, poser-friendly merchandise to skyrocket as well as '70s reject's claims to have snorted _______ with _______ in the club's graffiti-covered bathrooms back in the day.