Hugh Laurie Brings Villainy to 'RoboCop'

You can't have a Cop without a Robber ... or some sort of dastardly villain, anyway.

The rebooted adventures of Officer Alex J. Murphy just keep looking better as none other than "House" star Hugh Laurie has joined the cast, according to Variety.

In a bit of pitch-perfect casting, Laurie will be playing the CEO of Omni Corp (called Omni Consumer Products, or just "OCP," in the original series), a ruthless industrialist who creates the powerful law-enforcing cyborg "for his own gain."

The role sounds like kind of a mix of the Old Man (Dan O'Herlihy) and Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) from the original "RoboCop." Or maybe it's something completely different entirely. Anyway, Hugh Laurie is awesome, so we're sure he'll be great no matter what the part calls for.

Laurie joins a cast that includes Joel Kinnaman as the Irish flatfoot who gets slain on the job and is resurrected as the title character; Gary Oldman as his scientist creator; Abbie Cornish as his very confused wife; and Samuel L. Jackson as a charismatic media mogul.

Hugh Laurie is big stuff on television thanks to his role as Dr. Gregory House on "House," but his feature film credits so far have been more or less limited to voice work in animated films such as "Arthur Christmas," "Hop" and 'Monsters vs. Aliens." Live-action film appearances include "The Oranges" and "Street Kings"; he's also set to appear in the upcoming war drama, "Mr. Pip."

Production on "RoboCop" will commence this summer under the direction of Jose Padilha ("Elite Squad").