Hatfields & McCoys: The Reality Show

Once again proving my theory that television executives will milk any concept until it's all dead and corpsified, The Charleston Gazette is reporting that casting agent Bill Richardson is now looking for the real-life descendants of the Hatfields & McCoys to star in a potential reality series.

Richardson stated that the show would "set 5-10 members of each family against one another in a competition to create businesses around their history. If selected, cast members must prove their lineage to a member of the Hatfield or McCoy clans through a family tree."

The potential series would be filmed in West Virginia, just to add that authentic, homespun, feud-reigniting touch. I would wish Bill Richardson luck in finding descendants willing to exploit their heritage for money, but I don't think he will have any problems. Never understimate the intense desire your average, red-blooded American has to be on TV.