Ben Walker Goes From ‘Abraham Lincoln’ to ‘The Great Wall’

First we have Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln hunting vampires. Now comes news (via Deadline) that he'll be joining "Man of Steel" Henry Cavill as warriors who stumble upon the real reason the Great Wall of China was built. We're beginning to think Ben Walker has some sort of secret yen for spooky revisionist history theories.

"The Great Wall" is a story cooked up by "World War Z" author Max Brooks and Legendary CEO Thomas Tull that takes some significant liberties with the history of the construction of the Great Wall of China and the West's discovery of it.

Our main men play 15th century British warriors who discover the Chinese people quickly constructing a massive wall, ostensibly to keep out the Mongolians threatening them but then again, maybe not. Whatever's lurking on the other side of the wall comes out at night, and it's definitely scarier (and less human) than the legendary soldiers of Mongolia.

"The Great Wall" is encountering some less nefarious problems when it comes to scheduling production. Filming was originally slated to begin this fall but has been moved to next spring because of weather problems in the two main filming locations, China and New Zealand. (Also, NZ is filled with hobbits.)

Zhang Ziyi is one of the names being bandied about for a major role in "The Great Wall," but there's no news if the superstar has signed on. The "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" star is currently at the center of a political sex scandal in China; her reps are fighting rumors that she was paid to have sex with politician Bo Xilai.

Will "The Great Wall" be climbed, or will it be canned like Legendary's "Paradise Lost"? Only time will tell. In the meantime, we've always got Abraham Lincoln.