Vincent Cassel Swears to 'Eastern Promises' Sequel

Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg have officially pledged themselves to "Eastern Promises 2" -- and Vincent Cassel looks to soon be joining them, according to Vulture.

The oft-rumored sequel to the 2007 film looks to finally be a real deal as the three main men (or is that "made men?") behind the original film have committed to continuing the strange and compelling Russian mob tale.

"Eastern Promises" follows a low-level Russian gangster (Mortensen) as he helps a nurse (Naomi Watts) protect a baby from his colleagues, including the hotheaded son (Cassel) of the mob boss. The film was slow-burn Cronenberg rather than off-the-wall Cronenberg, though that all-nude bathhouse fight was rather ... memorable.

The sequel would pick up right where the first film left off, with Kirill (Cassel) seemingly inheriting the family business from his late father, unaware that his supposedly trusty driver (Mortensen) is actually an undercover federal security agent.

Mortensen will first shoot "The Two Faces of January" this fall and will then segue into the "Eastern Promises" sequel early next year, with Cronenberg calling the shots once again from a script by Steven Knight. Look for this one in theaters as early as Fall 2013.