Charlize Theron Will Bring the Hatfields & McCoys to TV ... Again

To the surprise of exactly no one, TV executives have interpreted the success of A&E's "Hatfields & McCoys" to mean that what audiences must want right now is more of the exact same thing that they just saw. Forget about producing intelligent content and giving television viewers new and exciting concepts (which is one of the reasons "Hatfields & McCoys" was so successful in the first place). Let's just keep hitting on this one thing that seemed to work before, even though we have no idea why.

Deadline is reporting that John Glenn ("Eagle Eye") is in talks with NBC to take the Hatfield and McCoy feud into the modern era, with Charlize Theron on board to star. Deadline notes that the proposed TV series would "reignite the centuries-old family feud in a contemporary urban setting. The Hatfields have risen to incredible wealth and power, while the McCoys are working-class." Admittedly, this could turn into a pretty satisfying nighttime soap opera if done right, but in a world where franchises are pretty consistently milked for all they're worth and then beaten soundly until they die only to be reborn a couple years later, the news that NBC and John Glenn are already taking advantage of the built-in hype and lingering audience afterglow for A&E's mini-series just kind of makes me tired.

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