ABC Hires Its First Minority 'Bachelor'?

Roberto Martinez as ABC's next "Bachelor"? Yes, please.

The "winner" of Ali Fedotowsky's season of "The Bachelorette" never made it down the aisle (shocker!), but the handsome and affable Martinez was an obvious choice to be "The Bachelor" had he not been Ali's pick.

Now, some six months after that engagement fell apart, the San Diego-based insurance agent is on deck to be the next "Bachelor" -- that is, if you believe a report in Life & Style Magazine.

If true, this would handily solve two problems for ABC: 1) Viewers might actually find the star of "The Bachelor" believable as a man 25 women would like to date (unlike, say, Ben Flajnik, Brad Womack or Jake Pavelka); and 2) Those pesky allegations that "The Bachelor" is racist would be diluted by the casting of its first minority star.

Considering the slim pickings in Emily Maynard's current stable of douchebags on "The Bachelorette," -- so far we can picture exactly zero of them carrying a season of "The Bachelor" -- we're inclined to believe that Roberto Martinez could actually happen!