'Game of Thrones' Finale Hits Series High

Fears that "Game of Thrones" was losing ratings steam after last week's expensive tent-pole episode "Blackwater" -- which scored the lowest ratings of the season -- seem rather silly in the light of the numbers raked in by Sunday's finale.

"Valar Morghulis" scored 4.2 million viewers on its first airing, and an additional 910,000 or so during the encore performance. This is a series high for the sophomore HBO drama, a feat which seemed impossible to some while the show was in development. Many believed that a show like "Game of Thrones" would be inaccessible for a more mainstream audience, and that readers of George R.R. Martin's books would not be enough to make the show a hit. These ratings make "Game of Thrones" the second most watched show in HBO history, just behind "True Blood."

A&E's "Longmire" also did nicely for itself, pulling in 4.1 million viewers, making it A&E's most watched scripted drama ever.