Ridley Scott Readying a Moses Movie

With Ridley Scott poised to finally take "Alien" fans to the promised land after more than 30 years in the cinematic wilderness, it's only fitting that the acclaimed director revealed that he is planning a big budget Biblical biopic titled "Moses."

Apparently when Moses said "let my people go," he wanted them to go to the movies.

Fittingly, Scott was discussing his upcoming blockbuster epic "Prometheus" with Esquire magazine when he let word of his "Moses" project slip. "Prometheus," of course, involves humanity's search for their true origins, the themes of which can be traced right back to Genesis.

And now it appears Scott is going to skip the sci-fi metaphors and go straight to the source material for his next project.

"I've got something else in the works," Scott said. "I'm already doing it. It's called 'Moses.'

"What's interesting to me about Moses isn't the big stuff that everybody already knows," he continued. "It's things like his relationship with Ramses [II, the pharaoh]. I honestly wasn't paying attention in school when I was told the story of Moses. Some of the details of his life are extraordinary."

No word yet on just when Scott is planning to travel to Egypt land, but you can catch "Prometheus" in theaters beginning this Friday.

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