Could Ryan Gosling Be Up for More Road Rage in 'Drive 2'?

Sales of white jackets with gold embroidered scorpions are about to get an uptick, since it looks like Ryan Gosling's stoic wheelman from "Drive" is possibly making a U-turn back into theaters.

Under the disappointingly conventional title of "Driven" (we would have preferred "Drive 2: The Drivening"), writer James Sallis has crafted a sequel to his original novel of "Drive" and tells The Independent that it has all the fixins for a pretty gnarly new filmic chapter as well.

"Now, 'Driven' is in the movie pipeline – 'they love the book', he says."

Taking a page or 12 from "Kill Bill," this new tome finds Gosling's character living in Phoenix under the guise of "Paul West," having started a business and taken himself a new woman, but when his bride-to-be is killed in a violent attack he sets his factory switch back to "super-violent." With the help of an ex-gangbanger and Desert Storm vet named Felix (paging Michael Peña?), the Driver must burn his enemies and a whole lotta rubber once again.

Of course, it helps that Sallis very much owns the success of Nicolas Winding Refn's 2011 splatterpiece, which took in a robust $76-million worldwide, around 5-times its budget.

"It was difficult not to visualize Ryan Gosling playing the role when I wrote the sequel," says Sallis. "I think he really made the character his own. Of course, they made changes in the script – but it has the blood, heart and guts of the book – it feels like my film."

Due to the nature of events in the first, we will likely not see the sardonic musings of Albert Brooks nor the Easter Island-esque visage of Ron Perlman, or pretty much anybody else for that matter. Refn is busy prepping for the long-distance production of "Logan's Run" with Gosling, and the two of them have the Thai-set "Only God Forgives," which word from Cannes suggests will at least be a spiritual successor to "Drive."