Movies Streaming This Week: 'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,' 'Drive'

New this week in streaming, we head to a mysterious island with The Rock, play the hockey enforcer with Seann William Scott, ride fast and loose with Ryan Gosling and find classics from Chaplin, the Beatles and Coppola.


'Journey 2: The Mysterious Island'

For this sequel to 2008’s "Journey to the Center of the Earth," The Rock takes the 3-D franchise reins from Brendan Fraser as he plays a husband searching for a mystical island alongside Josh Hutcherson and Vanessa Hudgens.

Why Stream It: Seeing legendary actor Michael Caine riding a gigantic bee will make you laugh, cry or think you’re tripping balls.

Available On: iTunes

'Act of Valor'

Casting active-duty Navy SEALs and basing the film around actual missions, "Act of Valor" looks at an elite team on a mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent.

Why Stream It: Because sometimes playing "Call of Duty" for hours just doesn’t cut it.

Available On: iTunes, Amazon Instant

'Take This Waltz'

Sarah Polley follows up her critically acclaimed directing effort "Away From Her" with this look at young married couple Lou and Margot (Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams), whose relationship is in jeopardy when Margot falls for their neighbor.

Why Stream It: Tell all your friends you saw it before it hits theaters June 29.

Available On: iTunes, Amazon Instant, YouTube


Seann William Scott plays Doug, a bouncer who is asked to try out for a minor-league hockey team after pummeling some unlucky soul in the stands at a game. By being the team's enforcer on the ice, Doug comes to find the friendship and loyalty that he’s always sought.

Why Stream It: It's a mix of "Slap Shot" and "Happy Gilmore."

Available On: iTunes, Amazon Instant, YouTube

'Big Miracle'

Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski star in this family drama, based on true events, about a small Alaska town that campaigns to save a family of whales trapped in the Arctic ice.

Why Stream It: Think of it as "Free Willy" on ice.

Available On: iTunes, Amazon Instant

'Machine Gun Preacher'

If you like your true stories a little grittier than those about saving whales, catch Gerard Butler as a former drug-dealing tough guy who, after finding God, decides to dedicate his life to saving Sudanese children from becoming rebel soldiers.

Why Stream It: Check out what director Marc Forster did while waiting to make "World War Z."

Available On: iTunes, Amazon Instant


Netflix subscribers rejoice. Recently added to its streaming library is Nicolas Winding Refn's slow-burn modern-day noir, which stars Ryan Gosling as a quiet stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver. But he gets in over his head when things go wrong with the mob.

Why Stream It: Brooding Ryan Gosling. Yeah, you know you want some.

Available On: iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Instant


'Yellow Submarine'

New to iTunes this week, this classic animated feature follows the Beatles (though the Fab Four didn’t voice the characters in the film) as they board a yellow submarine to help their mates back in Pepperland, singing a few of their classics along the way.

Available On: iTunes

'The Kid'

Another classic now available through streaming. Hulu dives into the Criterion Collection's library and pulls out Charlie Chaplin's first feature-length movie, in which Chaplin -- as his seminal character, The Tramp -- stumbles upon a newborn baby that he raises to be his partner in petty crime.

Available On: Hulu (free)

'The Conversation'

Francis Ford Coppola's moody thriller stars Gene Hackman as a skilled surveillance expert who begins to obsess over a job he’s been hired to do. The 1974 film won the Palme d'Or at Cannes and received multiple Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Screenplay.

Available On: iTunes, Amazon Instant, YouTube