'Prometheus' Has Landed In The UK... and So Have Reviews

One of the most anticipated blockbusters of the summer is here… well, almost. In merry old England, home country of director Ridley Scott, audiences are getting a week-long head start to experience the thrilling terror that awaits them in "Prometheus," the director's sorta-kinda prequel to his 1979 gut-busterpiece "Alien."

The first reviews to burst out from the other side of the pond could be described as mixed-to-positive, with old guard critics complaining about the sci-fi monster-mash's lack of originality and unapologetic fan service, while the upper echelons of web geekdom praise the film's beauty and creepiness, urging audiences to go in as virgin as possible.

Those wishing to be semi-spoiled can read the reviews in depth, but here is a collection of only mildly spoilerific review quotes.

"Ridley Scott has counter-evolved his 1979 classic Alien into something more grandiose, more elaborate – but less interesting. In place of scariness there is wonderment; in place of tension there is hugely ambitious design; in place of unforgettable shocks there are reminders of the original's unforgettable shocks. There are also some shrewd and witty touches, and one terrifically creepy performance from Michael Fassbender, who steals the film with the chilling, parasitic relentlessness of that first gut-bound alien." – The Guardian

"A visually stunning return to science-fiction by Ridley Scott caters too much to audience expectations when more imaginative boldness would have taken it further." – The Hollywood Reporter

"The continual discussions of creation vs. creator, and the attitude of one toward the other, supply the film with a philosophical dimension that its straightforward space-opera template doesn't have the bandwidth to fully explore. Indeed, the crucial question of why the planet's inhabitants are so intent on wiping out a race they engineered is lazily deferred until a putative sequel." - Variety

"It lived up to expectations, in every way. Prometheus is truly breathtaking, incredible, spectacular, thrilling sci-fi at its best." – First Showing

"With [Ridley Scott's] fantasy epic Prometheus it is clear his striking sense of vision, drama and excitement fits perfectly with the genre and he has delivered a film that is already one of the most anticipated titles of the summer and should thrill, challenge and provoke audiences ready for his signature brand of intelligent and visceral film-making." – Screen Daily

"There’s plenty to recommend in ‘Prometheus’: the photography is pleasingly crisp and the design is stunning, nicely redolent of ‘Alien’ and its sequels… But its flaws are impossible to ignore. The script feels flat – a few pleasing nods to the original movies aside, the dialogue is lazy, while the plot, though crammed with striking concepts, simply fails to coalesce." – Time Out London

"Btw don't read PROMETHEUS reviews before seeing it. The two I've read are chock full of spoilers. Movie has many pros, only a few cons." – Evan Dickson (@EvanDickson)

"I've been given permission to say that I've seen Prometheus and I actually liked it quite a bit. Even seeing it again tomorrow!" – Ed Douglas (@EDouglasWW)

"Prometheus: Not only is it thrilling, but it leaves you asking questions. (remember, @DamonLindelof is involved after all)" – Peter Sciretta (@slashfilm)

"#PROMETHEUS‬ is the type of big budget sci-fi that studios rarely make. Extremely well done. Don't read reviews. Just go see it." – Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty)

"RT @NicolasSlomka just got out of a midnight ‪#Prometheus‬ screening in Paris. So awesome a guy actually had a panic attack in the audience!" - Damon Lindelof (@DamonLindelof) (co-screenwriter of "Prometheus")