'Les Miserables': Trailer

We dreamed a dream of an all-star big screen adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical "Les Miserables" — and today that dream has come true, as the first trailer for Oscar winning director Tom Hooper's upcoming epic has just hit the internet.

Get your tissues ready, folks, because this looks like a five alarm crier.

Backed by a moving rendition of the hit song "I Dreamed A Dream" by Anne Hathaway, who plays the tragic Fantine, the trailer for "Les Miserables" showcases stars Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe in full-on legendary mode, struggling amidst the madness of the French Revolution. And along the way we also get a look at star-crossed lovers Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne, not to mention Hathaway herself.

Plus there's the matter of the whole revolution thing, which looks to be pulled off brilliantly by Hooper, who knows a thing or two about period pieces (see: "The King's Speech"). Check it out, courtesy of MSN. And get ready to yell "viva Les Miserables!"