Mashup: Will Smith's Greatest Zings

It takes good looks to become a huge action-movie star, as well as athleticism, a lean physique and a mean right hook.

Will Smith has all those things, plus the one distinct attribute that puts him above other action stars: He is the king of the one-liner put-down. Get cornered by Will Smith in an action movie, and he'll point a large gun at your head, give you that steady glare and then insult you so hilariously that you almost don't mind being captured. (Seems a lot more fun than being subdued by, say, the Hulk.)

Now with our original mashup of Will Smith's greatest zings, you, too, can feel put in your place by the master. So back up, put the gun down and give him a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubblicious. Video edited by Avaryl Halley

Movies Featured (Click to Buy):

Bad BoysBad Boys IIIndependence DayMen in BlackMen in Black IIHancock

I, Robot | Wild Wild West