Gwyneth Paltrow Muses Over 'Guernica 33 Days'

Gwyneth Paltrow knows high art when she sees it.

The "Avengers" star is in talks to join Antonio Banderas in "Guernica 33 Days," a film that chronicles the creation of a Picasso masterpiece, according to Variety.

"Guernica 33 Days" is the name of a famous Pablo Picasso painting, with the film set to explore the artist's emotional turmoil as he struggled to complete it. Paltrow would be playing the role of Picasso's lover, Dora Maar, a Spanish-speaking French photographer who snapped the stages of the painting's creation.

Banderas is a perfect choice for Picasso, and Paltrow would be any artist's muse (especially after Joss Whedon put her in jean shorts for "The Avengers" - oh, Joss, you and your clueless sexism!). Paltrow also happens to speak fluent Spanish herself, so, you know, major bonus.

"Guernica 33 Days" is set to be directed by Carlos Saura ("The Hunt," "Raise Ravens") and will start filming this September in Guernica and France for delivery in May, presumably as a featured film at next year's Cannes Film Festival. We're assuming this shooting schedule will work out just fine with Paltrow's commitment to play Pepper Potts for the fourth time (and counting) in "Iron Man 3."