Alexander Payne Casting Nebraska

Following up on his successful and Academy Award winning film The Descendants, Alexander Payne is after two very specific men for his next directing venture.

Deadline reports that Payne wants "Bruce Dern and Will Forte for the main roles in Nebraska, the black and white $13 million budget road trip comedy for Paramount. Payne wants to make the Bob Nelson script his next film. ... Dern would play a crotchety dad, an alcoholic on the downside of his life, who gets a sweepstakes letter in the mail and thinks he’s struck it rich. He gets in a car to head down to claim his fortune, accompanied by his underachieving son, who’d be played by Forte."

A great comedic role for Will Forte with a talented director? Sign me up. The man has range, and while it's always great to see him ham it up, hopefully the film has some serious elements as well. Though I'm not the biggest fan of Payne's films, The Descendants was one of my favorites from last year, and seeing Bruce Dern in something intimate with a very specific vision could be fantastic.  And of course, ideally the soundtrack would be the entire album Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen.