Sweeps Brings Alicia Silverstone To Suburgatory

I can't pinpoint it, but at some point during the first season of Suburgatory, the writers decided to fully commit to their suburban world-building and that's made all the difference. Like a sort of neighborhood science-fiction, watching George (Jeremy Sisto) and Tessa (Jane Levy) navigate the ins and outs of their new "planet" has made for a reasonably solid season. Even better, George and Tessa have even begun to--gasp!--fit into their new society and maybe that's when the shift occurred. Instead of the theme of "us against them," the show took a turn for "Let's have fun and see what happens!" And it's not like George and Tessa still don't have moments of "Can you believe these people?"--that's all part of the science-fiction of Chatswin. But when it comes down to it, George and Tessa (and the writers) seem to be truly enjoying themselves.

Recently, the show introduced another outsider in the form of Eden (Alicia Silverstone). As a child of the nineties, the Clueless reunion between Cher and Elton delights me beyond all reason. Eden is the surrogate mother for Noah and Jill's baby and George's new love interest. (This led to the most excellent sight gag of Jill getting her birth portrait painted sans baby belly.) Eden is just crazy enough to fit in, but the way that the writers have hastily squished her and George together concerns me. It'd be great if she could stick around for a while and we could get to really know her because she's got an awful lot of potential. However, she's no Dallas (Cheryl Hines)--a character whom I adore more than I ever thought possible during the beginning of the season.

As much as I love the adult world, thanks to the likes of Ana Gasteyer, Chris Parnell, and Alan Tudyk, the true charm comes from the realm of high school in the suburbs. Lisa Shay (Allie Grant) continues to be the absolute best thing about this world. Dalia (Carly Chaikin) is also a gem. The politics and intrigue surrounding Tessa and her classmates is worth exploring for a long, long time.

Emily Kapnek has proved worthy of her role as showrunner and it's likely that the show will get another season to explore the weird world of Chastswin. Suburgatory has two episodes left, with the season finale airing on May 16th at 8:30/7:30 Central on ABC.

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