TV Throwdown: Jennie Garth Vs. Shannen Doherty

Back in the day, Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) and Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty) had one of the best TV rivalries ever on the hugely popular 1990s series, Beverly Hills 90210. One of the things that made it SO delicious was that the duo grew to hate each other off-screen, too.

According to co-star Tori Spelling's book, sTORI Telling, Jennie and Shannen were not strangers to shouting matches -- even fist fighting -- behind the scenes of the show. J-j-j-juicy! Anyway, over the years, Jennie and Shannen made nice and crossed paths again, acting alongside one another in the modern version of 90210.

Now, in 2012, the BH 90210 alums find themselves in another parallel universe: Each has a new reality show. Shannen Says (10 p.m. Tuesdays on WE) follows Shannen as she attempts to plan her (third) wedding in a mere seven weeks. Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country (9 p.m. Fridays, CMT) shows Garth -- who is currently divorcing her longtime actor husband Peter Facinelli -- as she moves to a central California farm with her three children.

While we're happy that the ladies grew up and got over their issues, they do have one more rivalry to overcome before we let them off scot-free. We are pitting them against each other to determine which new reality series shows the most promise in a TV Throwdown. May the best (wo)man win!


Neither show is breaking new ground. We've seen Kate Gosselin raise eight and the Duggars wrangle five million kids, so Jennie raising three kids is, like, ho-hum. The farm angle doesn't really add much, especially after seeing Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie brave The Simple Life all those years ago. From what we know of her, Jennie seems much better equipped to deal with life in the boonies than those two, so the appeal is minimal.

Wedding shows are a dime a dozen, too. There are a million of them on the same network as Shannen's show, for that matter. Still, we've seen first hand that planning a wedding can bring the evil in even the nicest young lady. And when that woman has already made a reputation of being difficult? Well, this is must-see TV waiting to happen.

Shannen Says takes this round.

Shannen (+1) = 1

Jennie Garth: 0


Let's be honest: Neither woman's show is airing on a wildly popular network. But at least we have heard of CMT (Country Music Television), the station that picked up Jennie's reality program. We had to Google Shannen's WE network to even see what it was. Once we did found it, we did recognize several of its shows, many of which focus on weddings and crazy brides.

But as far as instant recognition goes, Jennie and CMT come out on top. We just had to wade preeeeeetty deep into our cable listings to locate the WE, and the likelihood of someone finding this show accidentally is minimal.

Jennie (+1): 1

Shannen: 1


If this category asked "which 90210 veteran would you rather hang out with?," Jennie would be our girl, hands down.

But I don't really need to carve time out of my TV schedule to watch an erstwhile actress raise her kids on a farm. I want to see someone act a fool and make people uncomfortable, and that honor easily goes to notorious bitch, Shannen.

Heck, in the first Shannen Says episode alone, she got mad because her fiance wanted to play football on his day off work, and then called him an a**hole.

She promised the wedding planner that she would "have security turn people away if they show up (to the wedding) wearing something other than black."

We'll take an extra large helping of bitch, please. We already know plenty of nice mothers in our real lives.

Jennie: 1

Shannen (+1): 2

Bottom line: During the 1990s, we rooted for Kelly Taylor, and in real life, we're rooting for Jennie Garth. But Shannen Doherty makes for the most compelling reality TV -- so much so, that we're willing to scroll through 400 cable channels to watch her go all bridezilla on everyone's ass.